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MesazhTitulli: WRONG Turn 1 & 3 german   WRONG Turn 1 & 3 german Icon_minitimeSun Oct 26, 2008 9:14 pm

Director: Rob Schmidt
Screenplay: Alan B. McElroy
Production: Stan Winston, Robert Kulzer Brian J. Gilbert
Music: Elia Cmiral
Camera: John Bartley
Editor: Michael Ross
* Desmond Harrington as Chris Flynn * Eliza Dushku as Jessie Burlingame * Emmanuelle Chriqui as Carly * Jeremy Sisto as Scott
* Kevin Zegers as Evan * Lindy Booth as Francine * Julian Richings as Three Finger
* Garry Robbins as a Saw-Tooth * Ted Clark as One-Eye * Joel Harris as Rich

A pair used to climbing into the woods of West Virginia is driven, there is mysteriously killed.

Some weeks later, Chris gets a medical student, based on the way to an interview is in a traffic jam on the highway. In order not too late for the deadline to appear, he decides a shortcut through the woods to take. On a narrow dirt road, he met with the jeep below a group of adolescents who have proceed together. No one is seriously injured, but since both vehicles are fahruntüchtig, is part of a group walking on the road, according to a telephone to find what they want to get help. First, they are apparently unsuccessfully, to them on a remote hut encounter. Horrified, they found that in the bathroom and kitchen cadaver parts in Einmachgläsern inserted stored.

When trying to leave the house to escape, three of the cannibals return back to the body of one of the repealed car remained youths before their eyes hidden friends to dissect. All members of the group are gradually victims of cannibals. Only Chris and Jessie manage to survive and burn the house down along with the cannibals - but in the end reported that the fire in the hut has been cleared and a policeman, the position to verify, by one of the cannibals fall over and killed .

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WRONG Turn 1 & 3 german
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